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Date: 2018-05-11 19:52

I have never posted on here although I have been an avid reader here and on Rori 8767 s blog so I will cautiously attempt an opinion here
Circular dating doesn 8767 t mean dating a man per se. Rori claims you do it even when your are married.  I took it to mean that you make yourself the center of your life and all around you (the circle) is your full life.  And you do not give up this life when a man you care about/love comes into the picture.  I took it as a similar thing to the mulligan (?) analogy your wife made awhile ago.  You can 8775 date 8776 your job, your friends, your *censored*ren, family, hobbies, the man at the store who you just smiled at it means that your life is full and happy and not focused on ONE man who you make responsible for your happiness in life.  It makes YOU responsible for your happiness.  You are standing in the center of the circle and YOU are the focus.  Many women meet a man and give up all the other parts of their life and focus on HIM.  That 8767 s what makes them insecure and impatient and, finally, demanding and unreasonable.  By keeping your life full, the focus is off any one man for the responsibility for your happiness.  By keeping your life full of things, you can sincerely give a man that mulligan because whatever he did was not and is not the end of your world.  And by being full of your life and happy, he will be attracted to you if you are the right one for him and it will work out.  And if he is not attracted to you, your life is full of possibilities and happiness and you just keep riding on. She tells you to engage with all men and learn from them and figure out what triggers your bad feelings so you can learn to be authentic with everyone.  She never suggested being intimate with more than one man at a time she advises against it as far as I can tell.  I think she is about building your self-esteem and being vulnerable and authentic and feminine.  And so I can see where her readers would get defensive and 8775 triggered 8776 because it has been a process for them to get to where they are and it is probably working for them.  So maybe they took it the wrong way from a masculine, direct point of view.  I think you are both great and both saying the same thing.  She is definitely not about cheating or dishonesty or anything like that.  And she does not usually advise 8775 dumping 8776 the guy and never advises hurting anyone. Anyways, as I said before, I think both of you are great!  It 8767 s Christian Carter who is the , only *censored*ding!

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